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Immigration and our southern border are in a state of crisis.  Clint, Texas is a small town less than half the size of Downtown LA and not 20 miles from Ciudad Juárez.  It is also the source of the biggest controversy to come from the U.S.-Mexico border since the announcement of Trump's child separation and other hardline immigration related policies. Testimony from doctors and lawyers allowed inside the detention facility in Clint details horrific mistreatment. The facility, which holds exclusively minors, has witnessed children sleeping on concrete floors and babies forced to wear dirty diapers. According to the AP, lawyers, "met one sick 2-year-old boy without a diaper who had wet his pants, his shirt smeared in mucus." Attorney Amy Maldonado commented that one girl was "'...forced to sleep on the tile floor as punishment for using a comb.'


Sara Fabian, "a Justice Department lawyer argued... that detained migrant children don't need toothbrushes, soap and blankets in order to be held in 'safe and sanitary conditions,' as a court settlement requires" (CNN). In response to the news, journalist Michael Scott Moore, who was kidnapped and held hostage by Solami pirates for two-and-a-half years tweeted, "Somali pirates gave me toothpaste & soap." Journalist David Rhode, who was kidnapped and held hostage by the Taliban for eight months responded in kind, "The Taliban gave me toothpaste & soap." Donations of diapers, toothbrushes, soap and the like have been turned away from the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) facility.


On June 25 and 26, the House and Senate, respectively, passed emergency funding bills to aid migrants at the border. President Trump has threatened a veto. According to NBC News, "It costs $256 per person per night to hold children in permanent HHS facilities." Given that it is clear that there are children who have family within the U.S. to whom they may be released, it would be cheaper to fly those children to their parents than to keep holding them.


If this were to happen, such a spending bill would be superfluous. Although it may seem callous to discuss an emotional and humanitarian issue in terms of money, Republicans claim to be the party of fiscal responsibility, and those claims must be held to account.  

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