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Immigration Reform Bill?

America, a nation of immigrants, is increasingly showing signs of intolerance for immigrants.  Under Trump, navigating through the already complicated labyrinth of what is the U.S. immigration system has become even more complex.

By all measures, foreign nationals are finding it harder to come to America.  Foreign students' admissions are down by 21% Non-immigrant visa application denials are up 37%.  Green card and citizenship applications are taking over 1 year to process. Immigration courts are overburdened by close to a million cases.  Immigration Judges are under an unrealistic quota system.  They have to decide 700 cases a year which means complicated legal matters only get minutes for arguments and oral decisions.  Even when there is a grant of relief, DHS attorneys are under pressure to appeal thereby delaying justice and making it even more expensive for the Respondents.  Asylum seekers are facing undue delays and physical harm being at our Southern border. Those that get in, are often detained in migrant camps or jails.  Some detainees, like Roxana Hernandez a Honduran transgender refugee, literally get beaten to death while in ICE custody.

Trump's chaotic rule is widespread and intentional.  His shock and awe horror show distract and disrupts the democratic checks and balances that were put in place by our founding fathers for precisely such a day. Thankfully, there was a 40-seat blue tsunami that swept the Democratic majority to power in the House of Representatives.  For at least the next two years, Trump's destructive plans will slow down and subject to congressional oversight.  But there are also golden opportunities.

Reforming our immigration laws must be on the short list of things to do in the House.  The incoming speaker can easily pass an immigration reform bill similar to the one that passed the Republican Senate just a few years ago.  She will have the votes.  There are many Republicans in both chambers that also support reform.  If Congress passes such a bill, Trump being as narcissist as he is, might very well sign it since it would have his name on it.

Thomas Fuller said that the darkest hour is just before the dawn.  As we march together thru the darkness of today, we may get to the dawn of Trump Immigration Reform Bill. Or 2020 is right up the corner! Buckle up!

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