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Serving Extraordinary Talent From Around The World

The United States extends a special welcome to individuals who bring an abundance of talent to our shores. International in scope, the film and television industry is in constant need of the best talent, from every country in the world. For this reason Congress approved:

  • The P visa, to make immigration easier for artists, entertainers, members of entertainment groups and their families
  • The O visa, to expedite the immigration of those with special abilities in science, art, education, business and athletics

Not every artist or entertainer is granted a P visa or O visa. Special conditions may apply to each case.

Stars In Our Own Field

You have a lot to prove to obtain a P visa or O visa, and to do that you need an influential advocate who stands out among immigration lawyers. Our attorneys' passion for securing visas and meeting the immigration needs of actors, singers, models, dancers, directors and producers is known to many in Southern California.

We have been producing results for clients in every area of show business for nearly two decades. Our firm is celebrated in the LGBTQ entertainment community as a team that goes the distance with clients, all the way through the immigration process. We know that this may be the opportunity of a lifetime for you, and we bring our best game accordingly.

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If you are a performer or have other skills that are crucial to the entertainment industry or another industry in America, please speak with us in Los Angeles or Palm Springs about obtaining an O-1 extraordinary ability visa or P-1 entertainer visa. Call us at 323-218-0465 today, or complete our online form to request a meeting or case evaluation.

We also speak Spanish and Persian for your convenience.

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