601A Unlawful Presence


People do many things to keep their families together. If you do not have the same legal status as your other family members, you may have entered the United States illegally or overstayed your visa just to be with them. However, now you may be facing deportation. Can you ever come back? And if so, when?

The good news is that some people can get a provisional waiver that eliminates the penalties for being here unlawfully, provided you have immediate relatives who are here with the right documentation. At Bolour/Carl Immigration Group, we have had great success in obtaining waivers for people who are eligible. We have helped many clients in Los Angeles and throughout California. We can help you, too.

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Avoid Penalties For Being In The Country Unlawfully

When someone has been in the United States for six months on an expired visa — or without any paperwork to begin with — they are barred from reentering the country for three years. If their status expired more than a year ago, the reentry bar is extended to 10 years.

By applying for a stateside waiver, you can eliminate the three- or 10-year bar on reentry. This will let you overcome circumstances that would normally make you inadmissible.

Who Is Eligible For A 601A Unlawful Presence Waiver?

Only certain people can apply for a waiver. You must meet these requirements:

  • Your parent or spouse must be a U.S. citizen or have a green card.
  • You must prove that being separated from them would cause extreme hardship to the parent or spouse who is a U.S. citizen.
  • After receiving the waiver, you must temporarily return to your home country to seek an immigrant visa. The waiver itself does not change the immigration process.

These are the main requirements, but there are additional ones as well. Please contact our office to see how they apply to your situation. Obtaining a waiver can take six months, but it is part of an overall immigration process that typically lasts between 18 months and two years.

What Counts As 'Extreme Hardship'?

This is different for each person. Separation could cause extreme financial hardship, for example. You might be helping with medical bills or taking care of someone who has cancer. You might be in extreme danger by returning to your country. Everyone's situation is different, and our attorneys will work with you to identify the necessary documentation.

We Work Hard To Keep Your Family Together

We know how much you value your family, and our goal is to help you remain together for as long as possible. To do that, we work incredibly hard. Most people who apply for waivers on their own are denied. However, our team of experienced lawyers has had great success. We know what the requirements are and how to meet them.

Contact us to find out how our lawyers can help. You can email our office or give us a call: 323-857-0034.

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