Asylum From Persecution Based On Religion

Religious freedom is a pillar of American liberty, memorialized in the very first amendment of the United States Constitution. The importance placed on religious freedom and the atrocities imposed on particular religious groups during and since World War II has resulted in the U.S. identifying persecution based on religious beliefs as a legitimate basis for asylum.

Although the U.S. has been granting asylum for those that have been victims of religious persecution in their home countries for decades, the passage of the International Religious Freedom Act in 1998 has forced the U.S. government to increase its recognition of violations of religious freedom in the international community.

Religious persecution can occur in various ways, including: the prohibition of being a member of a particular religious community, prohibition of one’s religious worship in private or public, or other substantial discriminatory measures forced upon an individual simply because of their religious beliefs or practices. At the Bolour Immigration Group we have the knowledge and legal expertise to assist you in your attempt to seek asylum from the persecution you face for your beliefs.