Asylum From Persecution Based On Political Opinions

Since its inception, the United States has maintained freedom of political opinion as one of its most important liberties. Based on the high value attributed to freedom of political opinion, asylum is often granted to individuals that have been or may be the victim of persecution in their country of birth as a result of their political opinions. Modern asylum laws stem from laws arising in the aftermath of World War II. These laws were largely inspired by the suppression of political opinion during the war, as well as the persecution that took place in communist-dominated countries soon after the war.

Currently, political asylum may be available to individuals that have suffered persecution because of their political acts, words or beliefs; have well-founded reason to fear persecution because of their political opinions, or even those that have been persecuted because their governments falsely believes the asylum-seeker has a political opinion the government hopes to suppress.

Asylum based on political opinion is one of the most developed avenues for seeking asylum in the U.S., this allows asylum-seekers to prove political persecution in a number of ways. At the Bolour Immigration Group we offer guidance on how to obtain political asylum through the manner that best suits your situation and provides you with the best chance of success.