Asylum For Particular Social Groups - The LGBTQ Community

Throughout the world LGBTQ communities are widely subjected to persecution and oppression. Many individuals enter the United States knowing they may never be welcome to return to their countries of birth due to deep-seated hostility. Not because they said or did anything wrong, but simply because of who they are or who they may love.

Although there are no specific statutes identifying persecution based on sexual orientation as grounds for asylum, for over twenty years the United States has expressed a willingness to grant asylum on this basis. In 1990, following a judicial decision, the United States began recognizing that those persecuted based on sexual orientation fall within the category of a "particular social group." As a result, those persecuted based on their sexual orientation have since been able to seek asylum on the grounds that their particular social group is the target of persecution in their home country.

At the Bolour Immigration Group we can identify with the persecution you have faced and assist you in finding the most efficient and proper path to asylum as a persecuted member of the LGBTQ community.