Protecting the most vulnerable


The Violence Against Women Act, passed in 1994, provides protection for men as well as women who are denied immigration sponsorship by abusive partners, family members and others. The Obama administration signed extended protections into law in 2012. These extensions specifically include the LGBTQ community in the largest VAWA grant program — the STOP grant program.

This is a major breakthrough for LGBTQ immigrants who are also vulnerable to trafficking, rape, sexual abuse, physical abuse, harassment, lack of privacy, threats and domestic violence.

Petitioning For Adjustment Of Status Under VAWA

Partners and sponsors who are abusive are often known to deny or delay petitions for family members as a way of controlling them. Under VAWA, immigrants may self-petition for relief, sidestepping their spouses or sponsors.

This provision has been a boon to both LGBTQ men and women who are ensnared in such relationships. Gay domestic violence victims now have access to the same abuse and trauma services as victims of straight partner violence.

Are you eligible for lawful permanent residence (LPR) status under the VAWA program? Our attorneys can help you successfully petition with forms I-360 and I-485. If your application is successful, you will also be eligible for work authorization.

Immigration Protection For Southern California And The Nation

VAWA isn't just for women anymore — it applies to men as well. To learn more about protection under VAWA, call to schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers at 323-218-0465.

At the Bolour/Carl Immigration Group, we are LGBTQ immigration rights leaders in the Los Angeles area, expediting VAWA petitions.

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