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The United States continues to be the place to pursue dreams for many entertainers and other talented people. In many cases, however, the process of simply getting into the country can present significant challenges.

The assistance of a U.S. immigration lawyer based in California who knows the law and has the ability to guide you through the complex process is all but essential to your peace of mind and success. Attorney Ally Bolour has helped clients around the world obtain the proper visas to gain entry into the country and, if they so choose, begin the process toward becoming a permanent resident.

Though we serve clients of all backgrounds at the Bolour/Carl Immigration Group, we also specialize in working with members of the LGBTQ community, and we are sought after for our in-depth knowledge and experience. We understand the unique challenges LGBTQ immigrants face, and we provide sound solutions designed to overcome them.

Helping You Achieve A Brighter Future

Ally Bolour has almost two decades of experience representing clients in a wide variety of immigration law matters. He understands what is at stake, and he does everything in his power to help our clients reach their goals. Whether you want to come to America, stay in America or prevent removal/deportation, we will pursue every option to protect your interests.

We have experience handling most types of immigration law issues, including:

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